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Meal Planning with EatLove

This state-of-the-art app was designed by registered dietitians (RD) for use between dietitians and their clients. EatLove is one of the only softwares recognized by the Commission on Dietetic Registry (CDR), the credentialing agency that oversees the "RD" credential. 

Using "LENA" (Lifestyle Enhancing Nutrition Algorithm), your meal plan will be extremely and precisely tailored to your body. Nutrition is not a "one size fits all" and with this software, over 3 million dietary factors are analyzed to make sure your meal plan is a perfect fit for the very unique YOU! -- Sign up for a personalized meal plan with me, we'll have an initial nutrition assessment to identify your unique characteristics and needs, you'll receive an email with your "nutrition prescription" and an invitation to download the app...once the app is downloaded you can begin preparing your meals. It's THAT easy. 

Meal plans are never meant to be a permanent solution for healthy eating, but I believe they can serve as a great educational tool that together with one-on-one counseling, will provide you lasting skills to achieve and maintain a balanced diet and a healthy relationship with food. 

Meal Planning with Me - How It Works: Text

Mobile App

Your meal plan right at your fingertips, anywhere you go

Meal Planning with Me - How It Works: Gallery

Online Access

Access from your laptop or desktop for a wider view of everything that can be found on your mobile app!

Meal Planning with Me - How It Works: Gallery
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