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Frequently Asked Questions

High & Low Nutrition Services



Nutrition Therapy can be delivered face-to-face at the High & Low Nutrition clinic.

(1503 N. Imperial Ave. Suite #204, El Centro, Ca.)




Masks are optional but recommended. The clinic is equipped with HEPA filter systems throughout and a distance will be placed between myself and the patient/client. 


Telehealth is also an option! 

What is a Dietitian?

A Registered Dietitian (RD) is the only healthcare provider credentialed to provide medical nutrition therapy services. In order to become an RD, one must receive a bachelor of science degree by graduating from an accredited Didactic Program in Dietetics. Once the individual has received their degree, they must apply and be accepted into a dietetic internship which provides a minimum of 1200 hours of supervised practice in all three domains of dietetic practice including: food systems management, community/public health, and clinical nutrition. Once the individual has graduated from an internship program, they are considered an "RD Candidate" and must pass the RD boards exam through the Commission on Dietetic Registration. Beginning in 2024, incoming RDs will be expected to carry a minimum of a master's degree.

Will my health insurance cover Dietitian services?

Most health insurances cover nutrition therapy/counseling from a dietitian through a referral from a doctor. Medicare covers nutrition therapy for a diagnosis with diabetes, or chronic kidney disease (stages 1,2, and 3) or if you have received a kidney transplant in the past 36 months. Check with your health insurance to see if you are covered!


Please note: If you are planning to pay via health insurance, you will need to make an appointment to see Matthew at Dr. El Ramah's clinic. Please call: 760 - 352 - 1731 to schedule an appointment

**Matthew J. Jaime, RD accepts Medicare, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, among others. 

How much does High and Low Nutrition charge and what forms of payment does High and Low Nutrition accept?

If you are uninsured or your plan does not include nutrition therapy, fear not! High and Low Nutrition accepts cash or payment via debit/credit card through the Square or through this website itself. If you are paying via debit/credit card, I can send an invoice via email and you can pay directly there. 

Please disregard the "donation" title when purchasing a plan via PayPal online directly from the section of different plans offered. Your payment is not considered a "donation" but rather, your payment for the plan selected. 

Please click on "plans & pricing" tab in the menu bar at the top of the site​​​. 

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